Dark Petersburg
Bleeding Nature "My Winter"
Bleeding Nature "My Winter"

Release date - July 2005

1. stepping on ice
2. under a snow
3. dreaming (tonight...)
4. care not a straw
5. glazed
6. my winter
7. eventide
8. it's in her smile
9. talk to me
10. rays
11. my little doctor

Running time: 69:37
Format: CD (digipack)+ 16 page booklet with lyrics

Early July saw the release of "My Winter" - the new album of a Moscow band "Bleeding Nature" - at the leading Russian label "Soyuz Music". The record is the band's first full-size album, which was brought about by a year of tough work. Apart from the duo's permanent musicians, Lev Vasilets and Peter Bordachev, the vocalist of the late "ScreenSaver" act, Alexander Tomin, had a hand in the record; he bore the part of backing vocals and bass guitar. At present he is the band's producer and manager. The booklet and digipack's stylish, smooth design develops the concept set by the cold "wintry" sound, combining various styles and trends of the contemporary dark scene .

Each season has a fairy-tale of its own. Summer sun, autumnal rainfalls, vernal breeze whisper their peculiar stories that are audible to few . The cold aesthetics of snow-capped forests's gleam , winter's icy wind , January blizzards' wails awaken your snatchy memories and let you drown in yourself. Childhood's feelings, mature comtemplations, innermost reflections clearly bleed through the untouched snowfields and call into being the vague, blurred images .

"My winter" is the music of falling snowflakes, azure ice crystals drawn by the frosty brush on the glazed window pane ; it's the raindrops drowsily pattering against the wet windowsill and the last gleam of the setting sun reflected by shattered glass and Her eyes . It's the echoes of distant dolorous dreams whirled away by the wind together with yesteryear's fallen leaves and faded photographs of those who had gone … It's the crossed out lines of verse and ribbons of music paper committed to the flame of a candle and soft dreamlike melody of the music box, steadily flowing to the glass figurines' unhurried dance, smiles and naive, serene, shattered illusions .

The album's presentation took place on July 3rd in the "Tochka" , famous Moscow concert clubs ; a large-scale presentation concert in Saint Petersburg is also planned . In the nearest future the album is going to be set out in Soyuz stores in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as in other cities in Russia.

Bleeding Nature "My Winter"



Lev Vasilets [Music, Lyrics,Vocals, Programming, Sequencing]
Peter Bordachev [Violin, Programming]

Country: Russia
Style: Dream Wave

All the necessary information regarding the band is available at the website http://bleedingnature.com

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